On one splendid day (Un lindo día, volveré)

On one splendid day 

(Original title in Spanish:Un lindo día, volveré
Translated from Euopean Spanish by Pietro Jun)

On one splendid day,

Once a traveler, eternally foreign.

Stranger on my native soil

Once foreign, eternal traveler

For I only belong to my plane seat

For I only belong to my liner seat

I fear drowning in nostalgia

I fear the suffocating hope

I fear longing those somberly blazing nights

That are

Full of deafening whispers of them little villages that I have never known

Full of conversations I've never had

Full of hope to find my homeland that never existed

Let no thing stop our voyage

For I yearn to find my place on this planet

Let us not halt

For I desire to saunter on the streets that guide me to my lands 

That will never exist

When the tears of my nostalgia spill

I will raise my eyes to the stars

Where he, whom behind them

Sees me

To the place where I see myself

As he, behind those stars that knows them by name

He sees me

On one splendid day, I shall return.

when i look at the night sky

Pietro Jun. 04-12-2018

Zürich, Switzerland

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