Stardust and photographs

“We’re made of stardust and photographs, drawings and written stories that we live, witness and imagine that turn into a galaxy. The universe is magnificent, hundreds and thousands stars are born and die each and every day.

There are millions of different forms of life in the untraceable edge of universe which makes us seldom think that we are one or none. But what I know for sure is that we are one, to some one, and as long as the rules of universe do not alter themselves, we will keep on gravitating towards those whose existence we had no knowledge about. And eventually die out as one.

And the grey remnants of us that circulate around the atmosphere of our loved ones when we pass, will become their silver lining in the sky for them to look upon, and a figure eight.

And this, a figure eight for infinity and beyond..

That is, what it means to live forever and become immortal, in my universe.”


Pietro Jun

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