Happy holidays/words of encouragement

I think it’s spring.
I think it’s summer that hasn’t woken up just yet.

I think we haven’t given up just yet; I think we aren’t as cynical as we think. I think this hope mixed with premonition has always been around. I think that’s a/the human condition.

I think we know spring has been around before we knew.

Either we are wishful or bitterly grateful today; and whichever way that is only understandable and fair. It’s not to mention soon after writing this to affirm where we are – I will worry about how contradicting my life is in contrast with what I write, but I think clarity will come.

It won’t last long but it will come.

Maybe it’s right in front of me.

All above, both regardless/considering what lockdown and restrictions got us through.

But – I’d like to affirm whatever it is I am affirming; for once. If I’m stuck in-between, to only oscillate every day between regardless and considering; if I am in any way seen wandering between the either/or conundrums of life; that will have been worth everything.

I think it’s okay, I believe it’s here.

In this age of worry, we deep down know we somehow got through.

I think it’s okay to worry. It’s better to worry as much as it gets to our heads and realise we didn’t have to.

Probably that’s the only way I internalise it.At least the weather is nice.Mine just started two hours ago – happy holidays, everyone!

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