Confucianism is overrated

Confucianism is overrated.

Confucian values are authoritarian, totalitarian, impractical, intrinsic value denying, sexist, liberty denying, disingenuous, ageism-advocating, overly chauvinistic, elitist and imperialistic(e.g. Imperial Japan).

Basically – men are above men in Confucian worlds.

Sure did Asian nations have shown their economic growth; but was it all done by themselves? Were there not the foreign-endowed concepts of liberty and equality of intrinsic value for that?

I’m not saying we should throw the old values wholesale; because that’s what hegemons did and many lives were lost. But we need a sober outlook on this matter.

Western countries need not berate themselves too hard. Need not look at the east for the discipline; yes there are words on the street that they have managed the COVID19 crisis well; but did you know it is because of the interconnected and centralised governmental bureaucracy and highly digitalised national health insurance systems?

It’s not that the westerners are idiotic. Look at Australia and NZ; it’s not that Confucianism and discipline did something, it’s that people were in general aware of ramifications of being overly open.

Because – the more the self-loathing, it in hindsight gives rise to conniving cruel totalitarian empires such as China. That’s what’s lacking there; they don’t believe that people have freedom to oppose what the Chinese Communist Party believe in.

You’d be wrong – if you guessed East Asians disliked western values; a surprising amount of us have seen and experienced the success of participatory democracy and acknowledge the values of liberty.

Many of us know that the acceptance of geopolitcally distant world’s values does not lead to a humiliating total submission of identity. Actually it brings the exact opposite outcome.

Therefore; let’s never – give credit to those who can use them as concurrence on whatever cruel vices they may come up with.

This very article, a fallible attempt at critical thinking – in fundamental confucianist state would have me imprisoned and tortured. (Shamefully, Park Chung-Hee’s South Korea was the case)

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